improve your
bottom line


ensure your health
is optimised

work life balance

balance is a real key
to success

mindful mastery

a healthy mindset
produces exceptional results

Our aim:

Coaching and Mentoring
Helping Business Owners and CEOs
Achieving Health, Wellbeing, Relationships, Work-Life Balance and Wealth


Our goal is to help improve the client’s quality of life through our work which creates success strategies.

After working many years in coaching, it became apparent that clients wanting positive results in any area needed to change the internal framework first as our thoughts and programmes are the sum total of who we are… our biggest investment is to work on one’s self! Through our work, we help clients achieve wealth, health, work-life balance, and a sharper more productive mindset.

Clients who work with us usually choose one or more areas to work on which results in eliminating the old negative programmes. These are then replaced with new empowering beliefs and values that produce the results that you have always dreamed of…. a calm state of mind, creativity, feeling lighter and more energised, healthier, more focused, and even optimistic.

With more than 20 years’ experience, we are dedicated to making a difference.


What our clients say about us:

Stephen White

“Working with Jennie as my business coach has been amongst my best decisions since starting my IFA business. She has been instrumental in helping to increase my business growth rate. Jennie has helped me to focus on key success factors for my business, is reassuringly empathetic yet prepared to challenge for improvement, and has willingly sharing her own extensive business experiences. I would not hesitate to recommend Jennie to other professionals looking to progress their business more quickly and work with a business coach with integrity.”

Jo Richards

“Through the years of being in business, particularly management and sales, Jennie understands the pressures and demands of targets and the stress that it causes. Through exploring many different techniques and practices Jennie has developed her own unique approach, working on a 1:1 basis that I was lucky enough to experience. Jennie worked with me and helped me develop my own tools which enabled me to dump emotional and stressful baggage and freed me up, releasing a stronger, more relaxed and happier me.”

Peter Morelli

“From working with Jennie I can categorically say ‘she has been our shinning light, our mentor and friend’.  Jennie has bought structure, strategies and marketing know how and calmness by helping us identify ourselves.

Communication is now a byword. We are a better, stronger team, thank you.”


“Words can’t express how grateful I am to Jenny for the help she has provided during her wonderful sessions.  I can honestly say I have seen a 90% reduction in my migraines! I decided to turn to Jennie’s methods of well-being and healing for migraines I have suffered for over 30 years.  I wasn’t sure how much the sessions would help, if even at all, but was willing to give them a go after trying and failing on numerous other preventative measures over the years.  The past treatments have all involved taking medication that caused a range of undesirable side effects.  After just two sessions my migraines have reduced to almost non existent and I feel lighter and more at peace.  Thank you Jennie.”

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