24th October 2019
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Fabulous Women podcast

I am delighted to have had the opportunity to do a Podcast with the wonderful journalist and broadcaster Marverine Cole this year. Marverine has released series of Podcasts speaking with, and supporting entrepreneurs in business. Marverine’s work is all about passing on inspiring stories of people who have overcome adversity to succeed in life and business. I would love to invite you to listen to my Podcast, and promote the other wonderful guests Marverine has had throughout her series
18th September 2015

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Well Being is an inside Job            

As we know within companies today Mental Health Awareness is a major factor in supporting employees at work, and great progress has been made in terms of strategies to improve employee Well-Being. 

Some companies are providing managers with Mental Health First Aid training to ensure they are more aware of the signs of mental illness within their employees, we have First Aid Training for the body, and so we should for the mind. 

Measures in place to support employees are areas such as company counsellors, health assisted programmes, adjusted hours programs and phased returns to work if people have been absent for some time.  All these measures are helping support employees in an excellent way. 

However we believe we can and should go further.   

The real solution to get to the root causes of Mental Health issues is finding out the emotional disconnection behind these issues.   Mental health issues are a symptom to a pattern or program that runs through a person, they are not the cause.  We believe it is essential to get to the cause, and this can be achieve by working with individuals and using different processes to help them achieve a better state of Well Being.   

Its an internal job. 

For example: 

Recently I work with a woman who was experiencing, as she described it, a trivial problem, however the result was she felt she was unable function and perform to the level she wanted to at work, she was tearful, experiencing reoccurring depression, and even contemplating returning to antidepressant, as couldn’t see an alternative to feeling better.   

Working with her we used a process that allowed us to understand the program that was sitting  behind her discomfort and sadness.  Once we identified the root cause of her disconnection, which I might add, is never the initial issue that people believe they are dealing with, it always go much deeper and further back into their own personal history.   

We worked on helping her establish a new internal language around this program, resulting in her feeling, reinvigorated, lighter, with a new belief in herself’.  The impact then showed within her work, and it wasn’t necessary for her be absent from work to cope with her issues.  The solution is always about going to the root cause. 

This work generally requires a cluster of session with a maintenance program to follow, complimented by Meditation and Mindfulness tools 

Shouldn’t we all take Metal Health care one step further for our employees Well Being? 

 Why your Personal Health & Well Being  

Development is critical for your Business Success

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How many times have you seen yourself come up against the same challenges, different places, different faces however the same issues occurring.   

 Case Study:   

Recently I worked with a business owner who was experiencing several challenges, the main concerns were around reduced sales, which in turn effected their turnover.  The turnover had reduced by 50% over a short space of time, despite this being a well established company.  The Director contacted me with the main aim of implementing a new Marketing Strategy which they believed would resolve this problem and increase turnover. 

 Through the initial stages of determining what the underlying problem was, we established that even though the Director had been clearly going through the motions, the underlying problem was that they themselves were completely disconnected with the business, their passion and purpose had long gone, and the work had become a tedious chore, they were effectively sabotaging their own business without realising it.  

 Through this they were suffering from high levels of stress.  They highlighted themselves that whilst they were working nine/ten hours a day, they were no longer being effective, they were fire fighting all the time.  

After establishing all of the above, the work that was required by me was to: 

  • Re-establish passion and purpose 
  • Eliminate their old sabotaging programs 
  • Reduce their high levels of stress 
  • Improve their Health & Well Being
  • Provide a clear vision and plan 

 We still needed to support them on their marketing plan, however if we hadn’t addressed the underlying problems of their emotional alignment to the business, no Marketing Plan in place could have solved this businesses problems. 

By working closely with the Director we worked on their business planning and far more importantly in this process, their Emotional Well Being.  We used Meditation, Mindfulness and Hypnosis to re-connect and re-program old sabotaging programs.  As you can appreciate this work is not an overnight quick fix, it involves commitment and a willingness to change.   

Working together resulted in the company exceeding previous turnover records, but more importantly a happier and healthier business owner. 

We are generally conditioned to look at external circumstances to fix our business problems, such as staff issues, business plan, marketing, processes and systems, and whilst these are relevant, what is even more critical to a business, or personal growth is what lie within, it is essential that we look at our Emotional Well Being for the answers. 

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