business health check


By completing a business diagnostic it will help me to understand the key areas that need working on.  I generally work initially with the owner on a one to one basis, understanding the business ethos, then I will then move onto to working with other individuals to help maximize the overall performance of the business, ultimately allowing everyone the opportunity to achieve their goals and ambitions both on a personal and business level.


A business health check is designed to evaluate your current performance and identify areas of strength and weakness. The type of questions that you can expect:

  • How do you manage you time – is there enough time in your day to get work done?
  • How do your currently manage your workload (work/life balance)
  • Are you able to delegate?
  • Are you using your time productively?
  • Is there an open channel of communication within your business?

Together we will complete an in-depth analysis of you and your business.  This gives the foundations to start to work on improving strategies in the business.  It is all about identifying, implementing and reviewing throughout the whole process.

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