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I launched True Potential in 2012 after having had a successful career  for 17 years in the finance sector. Since starting True Potential I have been working with small to medium size businesses on providing advice to the owners on building wealth creation and striving to achieve exit strategies. I have understood the challenges faced by the owners in making the time to implement the strategies that grow the businesses, this helped me understand and develop a programme to enhance company potential. Whilst this has been extremely successful for me and my clients, I went through a traumatic experience with a client that made me reassess my business focus and made me realise that marketing, finance and sales are not the only factors that lead to success in a business. 

For example a client who solely focuses on making their business successful and neglects their own personal well-being could potentially cause substantial damage to not only to their personal health, but also to their business.


Through this experience I chose to make some fundamental changes to the way I was functioning personally and within my business . I invested my time in gaining more understanding of how we can all function more effectively within our personal and working environment.  I gained the experience and qualifications in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) through world renown experts in this field, Richard Bandler and Tony Robbins.  This  experience has lead me to help people make life changing decisions and action within in their personal and working lives. To achieve results I have used tools such as Meditation, Mindfulness and NLP which facilitates in reprogramming the way you think.

I now truly believe that individuals who are willing to invest not only in their business but their personal development are the ones that achieve the greatest success.

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