team building

At True Potential I believe it takes time to build up meaningful working relationships within your teams, and commination is critical to that process and ultimately the growth of your business.   I can help you achieve this by facilitating workshops tailored to your business needs. 

As a Business Coach and Mentor I can design sessions to meet your short, medium and long term business requirements, by helping groups examine, learn and apply, steps to successful teamwork, each session will involve discussions,  the science behind the theory and where necessary an expert in a certain field as a guest speaker.

From time to time, and when applicable, I may introduce companies to you to assist with areas such as logo, website and brochure design, raising finance, invoice discounting, tele-marketing and grants.

workshop activities

Each month you will be presented with mastering a new skill set such as:

  • Active listening, using enhanced, open communication to gain clarity and build partnerships
  • Powerful questioning, understanding and empowering direct reports
  • Coaching feedback; giving effective feedback and positively managing performance reviews
  • Setting goals that both energize and motivate
  • Setting and reviewing actions and facilitating enhanced performance management
  • Creating awareness of current performance and behaviours
  • Working with limiting mind-sets & the ‘inner critic’
  • There will be scientific evidence why it works, how it works and the tools and resources to apply the new skills in your business during the following month.

These workshops are designed to provide you with the skills to allow you and your staff to function at their highest potential, leading to a happy, healthier business.

problem solving

Each month the group will be given the opportunity to discuss problems they may be experiencing and within a safe, confidential environment working together to brainstorm possible solutions.

wealth of knowledge

During the workshops you will be able to take advantage of my experience and knowledge gained over the years, and have the opportunity to actively listen to your colleagues who will also have experiences that everyone can learn from.  We don’t always have the time to know what qualities your colleagues can bring to a project, which can often be invaluable, but these workshops are designed to take the time to gain an insight from everyone.


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