Greg Reed CEO of Homeserve

My sessions with Jennie went a long way towards helping me to control my Type 2 Diabetes. I’ve been very strict with my weight, diet, and exercise for years. The treatment from Jenny has given me a different way to approach the problem which I found very effective. I recommend that you give it a try.

Diane Kimberley, Owner & Managing Director Arford Steel Profiles Ltd

Arford have worked with Jennie for a few months now. We have found her indefatigable in her efforts to ensure our continued growth and development. Jennie has a very positive outlook, an incisive and agile mind and has really helped us to develop effective strategies to deal with the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune”. Arford and myself personally have benefitted immeasurably from our association with Jennie, I am happy to be able to say that we are now looking forward to a successful future. We also now recognise (thanks to Jennie) exactly what success looks like and the key milestones along the way. In addition to the skills and tools for effective strategic planning Jennie is a joy to work with.  I would recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone looking to grow their business.

Simon Dixon, All Clean Support Services

Jennie has provided me with Business Coaching for around 18 months. I have found our ‘one to one’ sessions invaluable as time set aside to review the current state of the business and to identify those areas where progression and improvement can be made.

Jennie is a great listener and acts as a valuable sounding board.  Jeniie’s style is not to tr and impose her own ideas upon you, but rather she is expert at helping you to clarify your own thoughts and then assisting you to draw up a workable plan of action.

In addition to assisting me directly, Jennie has also offered coaching ans support to members of our staff in communication ans also interviewing techniques.  Jennie also identified and assisted us in obtaining a funding grant.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Jennie Carpenter to any business owner or executive who would benefit from having an independent and impartial business coach to assist in building strategies for success.

Bernard Savage (Bespoke Kitchens and Interiors) Limited

The time spent with Jennie was well worthwhile; concentrating so hard on running the business it is easy to let the here and now take precedence over the future. Jennie gave us the opportunity to take an objective look at the business, plan its development and introduce processes that help provide clarity, improve efficiency and secure the future of the business and efficacy of staff.

This has led to the creation of a dashboard of systems that act like gauges, dials and levers that allow performance to be checked, monitored and controlled enabling the direction of our company and its expansion to be planned and predicted.

The introduction of these management systems, with Jennie’s guidance, has allowed us to spend more time directing the business and planning for its growth, as opposed to simply responding to events.

Andrew, Private Client

“When I met Jennie for the first time I immediately felt welcomed.  Jennie explained to me how my health and wellbeing are important to me and that getting a balance with my emotions and other areas of my life in order to achieve balance will result in success in so many areas. Jennie’s holistic, yet very practical approach in helping me solve my innermost imbalances has helped me to identify, address and correct areas of my life that previously remained dormant and damaging. I can only thank Jennie for the intervention she has had with me so far and the enormous, positive benefits I am already feeling in my life. Thank you Jennie”.

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